The Moment of Truth

6th December

Pelikan Walvis Bay

This months module from our Staff Training and Development Programme was on cables.

The Staff from our Sales/Operations team, were split into 2 teams. The Team names chosen were “The Dangerous Gentlemen” and “The Black Widow Pelicans” (We have no idea why).

All staff members were then individually tested to prove their knowledge of Cables. Their aggregate scores were added together to identify which team won this fiercely contested round of our in-house competition. Team Captains Jack Cardno “The Black Widow Pelicans” and Mike Robertson “The Dangerous Gentlemen” were gathered by Bill Yeoman Sales and Technical Manager for the big scoring announcement. All staff members passed with strong pass marks, but in the end “The Black Widow Pelicans” won by just one point!

The delight and anguish of the respective Captains can be clearly seen in their faces.