Save up to 25% on your Total Cost!

26th April


“It’s not the lowest cost unless it’s the last cost!”

Evolving economic conditions have put extreme pressure on key employees throughout the supply chain. Staff are constantly asked to drive down costs, increase efficiency and improve their companies’ competitive position. Well managed sourcing provides a sure route to success meaning that an optimum Purchasing Strategy is vital to your business goals.

GFI EnterprisesLtd are International Technical Procurement Specialists and for over 20 years we have been at the forefront of supplying electrical and mechanical equipment, spares and other operating materials world-wide.

Our ability to combine product knowledge with product diversity make us an ideal business partner facilitating maximum benefits from spend consolidation.

GFI Enterprises believe in working with clients to establish their optimum sources by exploring regional price differences in international markets. We help them improve the efficiency of their purchase process, by saving money, improving performance and reducing risk.

Every aspect of our business model has been meticulously developed to assist our customers to reduce the Total Cost of Acquisition and to improve operational efficiency.

This means realistic and achievable savings of up to 25% on your total costs. (When compared to multi-vendor purchasing strategies).


Cost cutting is an understandable reaction to the current economic environment. However, the methods adopted by companies to achieve lower costs are often flawed. One common reaction to budget pressure is the adoption of Multi-Vendor Purchasing strategies where clients circulate enquiries to numerous parties and award purchase orders based largely on the quotation with the Lowest price.

With that in mind, the price of a quotation is very often only the tip of the overall cost

 Does YOUR Purchasing Strategy Facilitate Maximum Efficiency?