Habitat for Humanity, Trinidad win GFI Competition

31st March

Sanitation Blocks

GFI Enterprises are delighted to announce that the charity selected by the winner of our November Newsletter competition is Habitat for Humanity, Trinidad & Tobago (HFHTT).

HFHTT are an international development charity that aims to build a pathway out of poverty by eliminating poverty housing and homelessness. The donation from GFI Enterprises will be used by them to provide sanitation blocks to low-income families throughout Trinidad and Tobago and help to improve family health and standard of living.

The spokesperson for HFHTT, Tracy Hutchinson Wallace, said: “GFI Enterprises donation will be used to construct the blocks, each of which includes a bathroom with toilet and shower.  For many low income families, the simple addition of a sanitation block to their home can greatly improve family health and standard of living.

Access to clean water and sanitation are an essential element of decent housing. Recognizing this, Habitat for Humanity Trinidad and Tobago offers Sanitation Blocks as one of the “Pathway to Permanence” projects available to home partner families.  

We thank GFI Enterprises for your support with this project!”

So, how easy was it for our competition winner to donate £100 to their preferred charity? See the answer from the last competition below:

In our November Newsletter, we asked the following question: “There are 7 Core sections that make up the GFI Enterprises Centre of Excellence. For a chance to win £100 for your chosen charity - can you name 3 of them?

The front page of our website gave the game away…. Any three of the following core sections would, have been accepted.